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Cinesite: Lead Character Texture/Look development Artist

  • Created workflows and structures including Mari, Substance and Gaffer archives and templates to provide organization and consistency for character surfacing.

  • Communicated the goals and intentions of the Art department, Production and the Surfacing Supervisor to a team of Surfacing artists with regular remote check-ins and meetings.

  • Attended regular art department ‘kick-offs’ providing technical surfacing feedback and brainstorming.

  • Provided feedback and tracked the progress of the members of my Surfacing team using video conferencing, gchats and Atrack.

  • Documented character surfacing workflows through Confluence pages and Google docs

  • Provided photo-realistic textures, both procedural and hand painted using Substance Painter/Designer and Mari.

  • Mentored junior artists.


Digital Domain: Lead Texture Artist

  • Worked closely with production, the show supervisors and art direction to adhere to individual project’s required look.

  • Worked on a broad variety of show styles creating photo-realistic and stylized textures as required.

  • Communicated feedback from other departments, supervisors and the director to members of the texture team as required.

  • Provided leadership and support for the texture team both creatively and technically to facilitate the completion of the texturing assignments on schedule.

  • Created documentation for the department’s internal Confluence pages for texturing workflows and technical information

  • Participated in department collaborative meetings with the Texture Pipeline team to develop tools and practices to increase the quality and efficiency of the texture department.

  • Provided progress updates to production and supervisors and communicated any potential or existing technical or workflow bottlenecks that could impact scheduling.

  • Mentored junior artists.

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